Has this happened to you too?

Have you ever sat at your desk, drumming your fingernails, distracting yourself with Facebook or incessantly checking your email because you can’t make up your freakin' mind about a decision you need to make in your business or what to do about a relationship? Yeah. Been there too. It sucks!

You wrack your brain trying on each choice and the more you think about it, the more overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out you get. You may go stuff your face with a Kit-Kat bar (or is that just me?) or worse, you just don’t make ANY decision at all hoping it will all go away or the Universe will shine a light and do it for you (which is still a decision by the way).  

Then what happens? 

You got it. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Enter self-loathing and procrastination. And the cycle continues.  

You wish you could learn how to trust yourself and that an Angel could just swoop down and handle it all for you.  

Good news…There is a better way. An easier way.  

I want to help you:

  • Increase your confidence around decision-making so you attract what you want with more grace and ease (pushing is stressing you out!)  
  • Get out of your head/monkey mind chatter to make better decisions that boost your bottom line in business and love.  
  • Know which of your crazy awesome ideas to put out there first that bring you the highest return and which ones to shelve for later, saving you time, money and energy  

Can I get an AMEN?  

The reality is, all the strategies and action-taking in the world won’t give you the results you are looking unless you learn how to do one very important thing:  

To get the results you want, you have to get out of your head and learn how to master your intuition.  

Bullet Proof Intuition: 5 Weeks To Master the Art of Decision-Making. Starting this April 2018.

In this 5-week self paced course, I will be taking you step-by-step through the basic intuitive process I have used in my own life and with my private clients to help them confidence and peace of mind in their decision-making abilities. And I want to share it all with you!  

A house is only as strong as its foundation and developing your intuition is the blueprint by which all other things are built.  

My intention is that this program help you anchor into your intuition in a way that feels authentic and natural for you and your Spirit, especially if you are completely new to this process! It is also a great review and practice if you are a seasoned spiritual seeker looking to add more tools to your toolkit!  

  •  Feel more connected to your spiritual self even if your schedule is jammed pack and you don’t know how to find your inner voice and all that stuff  
  • Have more energy and mental clarity for the things that actually matter to you (when was the last time you met up with a good friend for dinner (Facetime doesn’t count) or got a massage? Be honest!)  
  • Be more magnetic to others and confident (hello hot mama!), which draws more opportunities, money and even prospective partners (business and intimate connections) your way with way less effort?  
  • And above all, you will start to have FUN again creating with the Universe instead of wanting to curse at it! You are a Divine BE-ing and if you’re not here to have fun and enjoy yourself, what’s the point?!  

When you learn how to access your intuition, quite simply, things flow better and easier in your life. And you deserve that!  

This is a combination of self-paced content + live Q+A so you get all your burning questions answered! Each week, you’ll receive your intuitive lesson via email with all your lessons, worksheets and access to the private classroom (there are 5 weeks total) If you value extra accountability and more personal interaction in addition to the self paced content, consider the VIP option that includes a private 1:1 60 min call with Diana! ($250 value).


Weekly lessons delivered to your inbox 


Like-minded new friends on the spiritual path


Live Q+A group check-ins every week!

"Ideas started flowing like crazy and I knew I made the right decision!” Amanda A.

Week 1: Clear Out Your Mental Crap + Set The Stage for your Success Learn the rules of the road: Basic Intuition Etiquette so we can set you up for success (I totally feel like a matchmaker now!) A powerful exercise to identify your starting point and clear out the extraneous crap in your head that is holding you back from really tuning into your Divine wisdom (yes, old stories, limiting beliefs, blah, blah, blah woo-woo babble meaning CRAP). Meet your fellow intuition sisters and start connecting (your lone-wolf days of having to do it all yourself are o-v-e-r).  

Week 2: Get Dialed In (if you can't find your intuition, you will not get the results you want!) Learn my favorite visualization to help you get out of your head + make better decisions (you can use this for life and it's helped save my clients a LOT of money and energy!) Locate your Intuition Muscle (yes it is a muscle!) so you know when you've exerted too much or not enough energy for what you're asking about Learn Your Intuition Language Channel (everyone is different). If you aren't dialed into the right channel, you can't hear the music and then it's easy to think that you aren't intuitive when you are, silly!  

Week 3: How to Increase Your Energy + Get out of your own way An effective tool to raise your energy and mental clarity What to do when fear comes up so you don't let it stop you mid-manifestation!  

Learn how to use a spiritual grounding cord (what it’s for and how it can help you increase the speed at which you receive messages and raise your creativity levels!)  

Week 4: How to Receive Messages from Your Intuition (so you can distinguish between wishful thinking/fear and a true nudge from your gut telling you to do this/that) How to get out of your own way so you can actually hear the messages you're receiving instead of guessing! Spiritual techniques that actually work to help you get answers to those burning questions without breaking the bank or your daily routine. How to tell the difference between wishful thinking and a solid message from your intuition (this is why they pay me the big bucks people...and you will learn how to do this yourself!)  

Week 5: Celebrate Your Intuition + Have Fun (remember that?) The simple practice all successful people follow that makes the difference between a good and a great result. The importance of a closing ritual and how it can help you literally "close" a sale or draw in an opportunity with minimal effort (wohoo efficiency!) Connect with fellow participants, myself and your Spirit Guides for an evening of rockin' woo-woo fun and prizes!  

To help anchor in the info you are digesting in the lessons:

1.Live weekly group check-in calls to get your burning questions answered.

2. If you choose the VIP option-a private session!

"Best of all,I knew what I needed to do next in my business!” Sarah H.

Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Exclusive mp.3 audio: How to Interpret Messages from Spirit (you can't buy this on my website and we'll cover the different ways Spirit talks with you and tries to get your attention that most people miss! ($45 value)

Bonus #2: Connect with Your Angels/Angels to the Rescue Quick-Guide What if you knew exactly what Angel to call on in a pinch? Going into an important meeting and want to make a great impression? Want to shift your energy to receive more money? Need to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone and wish you had support? You can! Swipe my popular Angel Quick-Guide that has specific mantras and names of Angels you can call on NOW to help you get more of what you want, without all the stress and pushing. PDF guide. ($45 value)

What is the investment, Diana?

Total value of this program is...$2,595. 

2018 investment is only...$197 for the regular registration and $297 for VIP (includes a private session with Diana).

"I used to over-think my major decisions and now I proactively check in with my intuition which has really helped. I know that I am on the right track because I can feel it. It has made me feel more confident about my choices. I am also becoming more and more aware of what my intuition is trying to tell me during the day."

Andrea S

"I find myself more confident and content with the new decisions I have made"

Dorel V.

Ready to rock your intuition, ramp up your energy and master decision-making?