Are you ready to unlock your intution and let go this Spring?

At the risk of sounding a bit cliche, Spring is the perfect time of year for renewing your energy and new beginnings.

But if you're at sensitive to energy, it's also a time when your body will nudge you that some things need to change in your life before the curtains open and said transformation occurs!

Sometimes the changes are subtle like "stop checking your email so much!" but other times, it's an insistent inner gnawing or what I like to call "KNOWING" that you can't quite put your finger on but you really know you can't ignore anymore.

It's a feeling. It can show you something you need to let go of.

Someone you need to let go of.

Or something you want more of but you don't know how to let in. 

Like more confidence.

Hotter, passionate sex.

A career that turns you on and makes you feel giddy inside to wake up for.

You may have felt this subtle but insistent knowing that you aren't 100% turned on about the life you are currently living.

If so I'll let you in on a little secret: You are not alone.

Often when we feel this way it is because we are trying to live our life from the neck up.

We are in our heads and we’ve lost sight of what really, really turns us on!

Not what we think we should want.

Not what your friends think you should want.

Or your family.

But what YOU deep down desire. 

When you aren't sure how to tap back into what you really want, you feel stressed, confused and scattered. 

Have you been there before?

Can I let you in on another little secret?

The key to changing all that is learning how to unlock your intuition and tap back into your pleasure energy (even if you have no idea what the heck that means!)

That's exactly why we created...

..."these events are portals for women to come together from all walks of life and careers and life experiences and share those experiences with other ladies that will listen and embrace your spirit unconditionally." -Dorel Vanegas

A transformative group experience to tune back into that wise voice within and get turned on about your life again!

Areas we will explore: 

  • How to tap into your intuition so you make the right decision the first time (no more second-guessing!) 
  • How to tap back into desire/passion energy so you can ramp up your sex life, creativity!
  • Releasing shame around your body so you can get out of your head and stop self sabotaging your success 
  • Releasing old fears and stories that are holding you back from manifesing at a high-level!

And more!

It’s time to circle back to your Truth and ramp up your natural ability to receive, give and attract love and wonderful opportunities into your life.

When: Sunday, May 7 @ 4-7pm. 

You will have time after the workshop to network and connect with each other! 

And after the workshop, you are also welcome to join us for a Sunday celebration dinner a few doors down (details after you register!)

Where: Ripley-Grier Studios, W 72nd St (Upper West Side, Manhattan). The exact studio # will be emailed to you after you register.

Attire: Comfy clothes you can move in/feel your body in. Yoga pants and a tank top work great! Leave the heels and power suit at home!)

"The events are an opportunity to leave the world behind for a weekend, pamper yourself, meet great people, and have a ton of fun!"-Jenn Prothero

"Still feeling the energy! WOWZA! I'm letting everyone know about the next retreat with Natalie. I want every single woman to experience the magic and healing I did!"-Elisabeth Rossman

But there's more.

The journey doesn't stop after Sunday.

Our intent is to help you take your intuition and desire energy to the next level long after.

So in addition to all the clarity + breakthroughs you experience at the live workshop, you also get:

Bonus 1: Intuition 101: 5-weeks to master the Art of Decision-Making and Stop Second Guessing! ($497 value)

Amplify your intuition with Diana’s signature 5-week virtual program, Intuition 101: Master the Art of Decision-Making and Stop Second Guessing. 

 *Feel more connected to your spiritual self even if your schedule is jammed pack and you don’t know how to find your inner voice and all that stuff

· Have more energy and mental clarity for the things that actually matter to you (when was the last time you met up with a good friend for dinner (Facetime doesn’t count) or got a massage? Be honest!) 

· Be more magnetic to others and confident (hello hot mama!), which draws more opportunities, money and even prospective partners (business and intimate connections) your way with way less effort? 

And above all, you will start to have FUN again creating with the Universe instead of wanting to curse at it! You are a Divine BE-ing and if you’re not here to have fun and enjoy yourself, what’s the point?!

Bonus 2: Virtual Love Course ($497 value)

Attract love with Natalie’s signature Virtual Love Course to honor and let go of the past, create a vision for the future, and cultivate self love in the present.

This course will transform your love life and relationships, whether you are in a relationship or single. You will…

  • Get crystal clear on what you want in relationship (using my super powerful Love Wish List).
  • Work on the knowing that you can have everything and more.
  • Uncover the patterns that are preventing you from attracting what you deserve.
  • Let go of old baggage, stories and beliefs around love and any specific relationship.
  • Flex your manifestation muscles to call in your dream relationship.

Total Value: $1997 

Investment: $97

Meet Your Facilitators

Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell is third-generation medicine woman, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and intuitive coach. Diana helps smart, successful women trust their intuition + feel happy, adored and free! She is the bestselling co-author of "The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again”, and founder of the Angel Reiki Renewal Institute. Her work has been featured on Achieve Radio, SoulsJourney Radio (IPAA award for best online spiritual radio station), BlogTalk Radio, KCTV Channel 5, East Bay Express, San Francisco Chronicle and others. She loves chocolate and spontaneous Pandora dance parties in her living room! 

She can be found on twitter @dancinggoddess and on her website

Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian is a certified life coach, writer, and speaker/teacher. Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks to have it all and live a turned on life. She has worked with women from across 5 continents to help them get the sex lives and the relationships they want, in addition to connecting to their passion work in the world and building business that make a difference. Her work has been featured in elephant journal, YourTango, and Good Men Project. She is also the co-host of Sex the Podcast. Natalie is working on self publishing her first book this year titled “Sex, Money, and God.” You can get on the waiting list for her book’s release by going to 

To find out more about Natalie, go to

Patty Rose Slater

From an early age Patty Rose was empowering people in her life without even realizing it. A creative entrepreneur who loves diversity, Patty turned her passions into her business Patty Rose Enterprises first in teaching dance, fitness and wellness and later into online business education and website design. Patty has a B.A. in Dance from Hofstra University and holds certifications with Dance Educators of America and the Aerobic and Fitness Foundation of America. She is the founder of Create • Build • Share™ a successful program empowering women to gain inner clarity and build online businesses to share their gifts with the world. Patty's accomplishments include performing with reputable dance companies on television and in theater, leading Master Classes in movement and fitness, producing her workout DVD, Dance Strong™, and providing training and strategy to private clients. She hosts training workshops and empowerment events in NYC and is committed to helping women feel empowered and confident in all areas of their businesses and lives.


See why people love to work with us!

“….Diana's retreat was truly a great experience connecting with so many new faces who are also along a similar spiritual path. You never know what someone else's experience may bring you or what new insights you could gain through sharing. A lot of people's stories touched me this weekend and I truly felt grateful for being a part of their spiritual journey. 

Diane Pascual

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

"Coming to Cali from NYC, my fiance Josh and I rented an amazing place by the beach. It was beautiful in every sense, but one. We both had sleepless nights and we had no idea what to do to make them go away. Diana was able to tune into what was happening and gave us a simple suggestion to try that night. I’m thrilled to say the bad dreams stopped and we are now fully enjoying our days and nights. Thank you so much Diana!”

Marie Forleo, founder of B-school and author of “Make Every Man Want You”

“Every time I have anything going on in my relationships, I dial Natalie immediately. Natalie is truly gifted in this field. I literally have her on speed dial. If you want connected, amazing, sparked, passionate relationships, Natalie is your girl.”

Sally Hope

"I felt "cleansed" when I returned home from Diana's retreat. My friends say I'm a lot more "peaceful" and I'd attribute that to a higher vibration. Awesome!”

Andrea Hill Perez

"Since coaching with Natalie I have become very clear on what I want, what my worth in a relationship is and what kind of man I will cherish and want to attract. My favorite part about our work together is being reminded to have FUN while dating until the real deal comes my way."

Tabitha Nieto

We are excited to see you on May 7!

It’s time to get turned on about your life again!