Are you ready for more energy, more vitality and more joy?

Is this you?

Do you...

  • Feel a bit disconnected from yourself and your Spirit?
  • Feel stuck, isolated and overworked?
  • Do you tend to put yourself last on your to-list that never seems to end?


  • Waking up in the morning smiling for no reason
  • Having more energy than you know what to do with
  • Never ending up face down, burned out, having to cancel your entire day again!
  • Feeling freer, happier and confident to say no when you need to
  • Feeling peaceful and calm, even when the shit hits the fan and you get negative energy hurled at you because "they" had a bad day?
  • Making the right decision the first time around (imagine how much time, money and energy you would save!)
  • Asking for what you need and want…and being treated like a Goddess... because deep down you know you have so much to share with the world?


If you don't take excellent care of your spiritual and emotional life, how can be you there for the people you love and the dreams you keep shelving until "someday?" 

You can't. (It's not a trick question!)

Self care isn't something you do "when you have time." 

It isn't a luxury. 

And it isn't about occasionally getting a mani pedi or booking a resort in Bali (although those things are awesome!).

Self care at its finest goes way deeper than that. 

It's about getting back in touch with who you are at a Soul level. </span>

Understanding your unique rhythms and what you need so you stop putting energy into shit that is going to drain you.

In my friend's direct words. "It's essential life and health maintenance."  

And while you can try to go out and do this on your own, (you may have already done this) if you're not seeing the results that you want, it may be time to do things differently.

It doesn't have to be so hard.

And it doesn't have to take years. 

I've been there, done that and gotten the T-shirt if you know what I mean!

It can actually be fun!

And you can make significant changes in a short amount of time with the right tools and mindset.

Because it does require a significant shift in how you think about yourself.

Are you ready to learn it and reap the rewards?

Among what alumni have shared are:

:: making all of last year's business revenue in the first 6 months of this year!

:: clarity on your next step in a relationship

:: better sleep  

:: manifesting new hot dates (actually one lady had several men competing for her attention throughout the last part of the course!)  

:: more confidence and self-reliance  

:: letting go of control and trusting that the Universe really does have your back (and the effects of that!)  

:: letting go of overwhelm and workaholism (this is a biggie!)  

:: feeling happier, more joyful, less afraid of the unknown  

:: abundance and letting go of “not enough” energy  

:: having difficult conversations that they had been putting off--relief and freedom!

Are you ready for this and more?

That’s exactly why I created “Self-Care for Your Soul!"

It's time to do things differently. Your health, your relationships and your passions cannot thrive if you keep putting yourself at the bottom of the list. 

Doors are open! We start September 7!

"Practical Self Care training meets Hogwarts School of Magic!" What we will cover:

Over the next 3 months together, we will come together twice a month live during the New Moon and Full Moon and you'll have time to integrate the material as well as connect with your fellow participants throughout each week. Topics include:


A mix of live calls + access to a private forum and library. All calls will be recorded if you cannot make it live.

What you get:

::6 LIVE! self care group training calls (1 content training + 1 group energy clearing and Angel message circle!)  

:: Ongoing clarity on what’s happening in your life with Angel messages and healing!  

The best part is you won' be going at it alone. I will help you stay accountable, get out of your own way and clear out the negative energy and crap from other people.  

:: Get 24/7 access to the exclusive self care library to connect to yourself and block out the noise of your everyday world. This is meant to supplement what you receive in the live training on the weeks where we don't meet live. Watch the videos and do them at a pace that matches your schedule.  

Self-care lessons and tools in our exclusive self-care library to help you connect to yourself and block out the noise of your everyday world.  

 This is going to help you stop second-guessing your decisions and asking everyone and their dog what you should do.  

::Learn how to trust yourself and make the right decision the first time! And the best part?  

:: Fun, easy rituals you can do by yourself or with friends for the Full Moon and New Moons monthly to help you let go of the old and manifest the new! 

(hello more money, more dates, and less stress!)  

:: 3 Exclusive masterclass trainings with a special guest teacher on areas that affect your Spirit everyday (your health, money/finances, relationships, etc)  

 ::Weekly accountability, connection and laser coaching with Diana via our private community of like-minded ladies to help you stop going at it alone  

(you know the lone-wolf thing ain’t workin so well!) and have a place to let your hair down and share your fears and your wins from the week with zero-judgement!  

Boost Your Bottom Line (In Life and Business)

I made all of last year's income within the first 6 months of this year! 

Before signing up, I realized I didn’t prioritize self care and this left me feeling scattered and overwhelmed.Thanks to the awesome community, the constant reminder that self care is important and Diana’s insights, I am finally taking care of myself and my business is booming! Diana is the best and I would totally take this course again! 

-Aditi Ramchandani, Intuitive Marketing Strategist, 

Our Alumni's say...  

“This program is great for anyone who struggles with overwhelm and not prioritizing one’s self care. Perfect for the busy Mom or career professional.”  

“I think this is a great group program for someone open to energy healing & spirituality, in a supportive women's circle.”  

“This program is great if you have been craving community and don't have access to an in-person circle of sisters.”  

“This program is perfect for you if you tend to neglect your own needs, or for those who need reminding they are worthy to have their needs taken care of and want help learning what this looks like.”  

“This program is for someone who wants to make self care a priority and doesn't know how and is very busy-that’s why I signed up and you should too!”  

Who is this program NOT for? This is not for you if you...  

-tend to be hesitant about spirituality and words like "Angels" and "intuition" are not your cup of tea  

-want to do self care more as a self-study course/when you get to it. This 12-week course is designed for action-takers who want to make in-the-moment changes and want that extra accountability.  

-feel uncomfortable receiving feedback and participating/collaborating in a group environment (both virtually and on live conference call)  

-are not 100% willing to make changes in your life at this time and take personal responsibility for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health + want someone to do the work for you.  

-cannot commit to the 12-weeks and want a magic bullet solution  

Fall in love with your life again

I have fallen in love with my life again! Self Care for Your Soul helped me reconnect to spirit and to myself by teaching me self respect begins with self care- now a non-negotiable for me.  

As I aligned with the principles of this program, everything in my life started to flow effortlessly, and I began to approach life with greater joy. Now, I feel more comfortable being in my power and trusting my intuition, which has helped me be comfortable with beginning to build my business and to offer my services to others. Thank you!  

-Ceridwen Rankin, healer, Naturopath

Self Care for the Soul is not just a regular group program that sits on your desktop that promises big things but never delivers.  

It is truly a spiritual experience that can change your life.  

 It is a cross between Hogwarts School of Magic (for the Practical folks like you and me) and an ongoing fireside heart-to-heart with your best girlfriends. Or yourself.  

Taking care of yourself will be a must-have, non-negotiable priority, not a luxury.  

Life will feel easier and way more freeing.  

And best of all, you won’t break the bank to feel centered and alive again.  

I have created a place that shows you how to make the world your oyster by simply following spiritual law, ancient ritual and practical tools. I break down the process of following your own inner guidance system at the drop of a hat so that nothing rattles your world.  

You rattle and rule your world.  

Like a Goddess.  

Are you ready to put the fun back in your life again and feel more connected and peaceful than you ever have before? 

Make the right decision the first time

Decision-making has gotten so much easier and my life feels way more joyful and abundant! 

I learned how important self care is and how little shifts can be made to make myself feel better! Also, getting group laser coaching and Angel card messages with Diana is amazing! She gives such good feedback on where to direct your challenges and successes so you stop getting in your own way. 

-Stephanie Benson 

The Truth: There is always going to be something that tries to take your time, energy and attention.  

The real question is: Are you ready to get back in the driver’s seat and treat yourself as a priority so you can have more time and energy for the people you love and the things you keep putting off?  

Let’s do this!  

My self-confidence has grown! 

Learning to be comfortable with letting my inner goddess shine after so many years of being dormant has been absolutely priceless for me. It was so nice hearing other people's experiences and knowing my struggles were not exclusive to me. 

Andrea Mijak

:: Every participant receives a 1:1 private intuitive reading or energy healing tune-up with Diana included to help you get your burning questions answered with practical and spiritual advice on what you can do to move closer to where you want to be. 

NOTE: If you choose the VIP option, you receive 3 private calls (1X/month) ($750 value)  

: Exclusive access to Diana’s signature virtual course: “Intuition 101: 5 weeks to master the art of decision-making and stop second guessing!” ($500 value)  

: VIP Priority registration to any live retreat or event (Next one is coming up in Sedona this November!)

Are you ready to take your self care to the next level?